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Cox Technic

The Only Cox Certified Chiropractor in Gippsland.

Warragul Chiropractic is proud to offer Cox Technic, an evidence based, highly effective and gentle (non-force) spinal manipulation and decompression technique.  Cox Technic is named after its developer, chiropractor Dr James M. Cox, who saw a need for a safer way of treating severe spinal conditions.  Dr Cameron McConville & Dr Leigh Day have both completed the intensive training in the USA and are certified in the Cox Technic system of spinal pain relief management.

Cox Technic offers an alternative to invasive surgery and/or dependence on strong pain-relieving medications for the alleviation of pain in the neck, arm, back and leg.   Cox Technic is suitable for conditions such as disc herniation and spinal stenosis but is also a very effective approach for managing less severe conditions causing back and neck pain.  Additionally, it is a good alternative for those who prefer not to have conventional spinal manipulation techniques.


  • Sciatica(2,7) or Brachialgia (Arm pain 3)
  • Chronic lower back(2) and neck pain
  • Pain due to Disc bulging, herniations or prolapses(2,7)
  • Facet joint syndrome (Joint Pain)
  • Spinal stenosis(4,5)
  • Failed back surgery(6)
  • A gentle alternative to chiropractic manipulative therapy for the above conditions

How it Works

Cox Technic is a stretching manipulation of the spine and produces the following effects 1:

  • Increase the intervertebral disc space opening
  • Decrease the pressure within the disc to aid healing of disc herniation
  • Increase the size of the nerve openings in the spine to reduce pinched nerves
  • Restore motion to spinal joint segments

Cox Technic Demonstration

The Table

The Cox Table or a flexion distraction table is specifically designed to allow for gentle stretching (decompression) to be applied to all regions of the spine.

The Research

Cox Technic has been extensively researched.  The Cox Technic flexion-distraction protocols have been scrutinized in USA federally funded research projects(1,2).  Flexion-distraction biomechanical effects have been documented showing a drop in intradiscal pressure, an increase in spinal canal area and discal height(1).  Clinical outcomes have shown superior pain relief for radiculopathy, greater relief for chronic low back pain, and more effective in reducing the need for healthcare visits for spinal pain in the year after treatment(1,2).

Additionally, there is evidence regarding treatment effectiveness for failed spinal surgery patients (FBSS, 6).

Please click  Spinal Conditions for specific information and research regarding treatment with Cox Technic.

How Long Until I Feel Better?

Your experience of pain is individual, so your relief time is unique to you as well.  The founder of Cox technique, Dr James Cox, continues to practice chiropractic care today.  His website offers a thorough explanation, including specific examples, of how various conditions respond to Cox therapy.

To Get the Best Results

Manual therapies such as Cox technique are referred to as 'passive care'.  Passive care is delivered by the practitioner on a specific treatment table with little or no involvement by the patient.  Although passive care is very important in assisting healing and restoring spinal functions, 'active care' is an integral part of a treatment program, assisting with pain relief and resulting in  superior and lasting outcomes.  Active care is the exercises prescribed to assist the restoration of spinal movement and strength.  Without active care, many chronic spinal problems have a much greater likelihood of recurrence.

Other strategies for managing your condition will be recommended as appropriate during your therapy.  They may include:

      • Apply ice, heat or a combination of the two to reduce inflammation and relieve stiffness
      • Avoid aggravating activities such as heavy lifting, prolonged standing and sitting
      • Rest your back or neck but move around regularly to assist healing
      • Back-support belt for some low back conditions
      • Spinal Hygiene: Learn good posture, correct lifting, bending and twisting techniques to help control back pain.
      • Sleep in a supportive bed and sit in a supportive chair
      • Use a lumbar support in your car
      • Nutritional Supplements to reduce inflammation and to promote healing.
      • Daily walking
      • Foot orthotics or heel lifts

Relief of Pain NOT CURE

Back and neck pain due to disc and/or joint injuries or degeneration is controlled rather than cured.

Whilst discs have an ability to heal after being damaged, unfortunately there are many circumstances in which full recovery is not a realistic expectation, therefore controlling your symptoms becomes central in maintaining an adequate quality of life.

Cox Technic protocols offer specific guidelines for both physician and client to follow for regaining quality of life, with an understanding of your condition and your spine’s capabilities to allow you pain-free living despite its limitations or problems.

Warragul Chiropractic is proud to offer this gentle, safe, effective, non-surgical treatment of spine pain to the people of Gippsland. 

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