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Infant Care

How do I know if my baby needs to be checked by a Chiropractor?

Since significant trauma can occur at birth, some parents choose to have their newborns checked for spinal problems.
The most common indication that a baby may have been injured during the birthing process is poor neck movement. This may manifest as your baby having a preference to turn the head to the same side (especially when sleeping), being unable to hold the head up whilst lying on their stomach (most infants have some limited head control by 1-2 months), and in some cases your baby may feed more easily from one side. Whilst some of these birth injuries may settle without any intervention it is not uncommon especially following more severe traumas for functional problems to persist.

Other symptoms that may indicate a neck or spinal problem are general irritability or consistently disrupted sleep. Of course there are many causes for these more generalised symptoms in a baby and therefore in some cases concomitant care with a GP or paediatrician will often be recommended by your chiropractor

Child Care

As children grow they have numerous knocks and falls, most of which are harmless but occasionally significant injuries occur that require care. Unfortunately many treatable childhood problems go unrecognised or are brushed off as “growing pains”. Following significant trauma it is recommended that children have a check-up even if their initial pain passes quickly.

Other reasons to have your child checked

  • Family history of severe scoliosis (or of a sibling)
  • Unusual posture, uneven shoulder levels
  • Back ache, Neck ache, Aching Legs, Headaches
  • Unusual clumsiness (e.g. Walking or Running)
  • Pain at night
Chiropractic Manipulation for infants and children

Chiropractic manipulation for a child is a very gentle procedure. With no more pressure applied than you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato, the manipulation is also very safe.

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