Dr Leigh Day US Trip & Cox Certification

Dr Leigh Day US Trip & Cox Certification

We are excited to announce that Dr Leigh Day just spent a week in the United States undertaking studies & is now a Cox Certified Practitioner.  As Cameron experienced, the certification process is intensive,  however this is something both Cameron & Leigh thoroughly enjoyed.

An additional Cox table arrived while Leigh was completing his studies and he is taking appointments now.

What is Cox Technic?
Cox is an evidence based chiropractic technique which combines spinal decompression and joint mobilization procedures.   The technique was developed by American chiropractor Dr James Cox in the early 1970’s. Dr Cox developed the technique after recognizing the potential for disc decompression/distraction to safely and effectively treat disc disorders and nerve compression in the lumbar spine (lower back).  Following very successful Government funded clinical trials in the 1990’s, Dr Cox designed a decompression table which also included the ability to treat nerve compression in the thoracic and cervical spines.  More than 50% of American chiropractors utilize Cox technique in their practices.

Will existing Chiropractic services and Spinal Decompression continue?
Most definitely! Chiropractic manipulation will continue to be offered as it has in the past. Cox technique will now compliment existing treatments, or be offered as a stand alone therapy when chiropractic manipulation or other complimentary therapies are no longer effective (or appropriate) for your condition.

We are very excited that, along with Cameron, Leigh will soon become one of just a few accredited Cox practitioners in Australia.

Warragul Chiropractic is very proud to be able to offer this evidence based, research driven service.