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Cameron has extensive experience in the chiropractic field having graduated from the RMIT Bachelor course in 1993.

Through ongoing professional education and training Cameron has expanded his expertise and knowledge in the management of complex spinal disorders.  Advances in spinal treatments led Cameron to the USA where he has undertaken further studies in the theory and application of spinal decompression/distraction therapy (Cox Technic).  Cameron is pleased to be one of just a handful of certified Cox practitioners in Australia.  Certified Cox practitioners are regarded for their evidence-based approach to the management of spinal disorders.  Cameron has special interest in the management of 'sciatica', chronic low back, neck pain and headaches.

Cameron also has a strong interest in promoting his profession through research. In 2019 he joined the Board of the Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation (CARF), and in 2023 published his first research paper in the Canadian Journal of Chiropractic, drawing attention to the little known spinal condition known as spinal gout.

Understanding the importance of a holistic approach to back pain management Cameron has spent the past 20 years in Warragul developing strong relationships with local medical practitioners, physiotherapists and massage therapists ensuring clients achieve their health care goals.

Dr Cameron McConville

Principal Chiropractor

Shree graduated from RMIT university in 2020 with a double degree Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of applied science (Chiropractic). Shree first become interested in becoming a health practitioner at a young age due to her own experiences with sporting injuries, the knowledge and ability to assist individuals to gain optimal function and achieve their health goals was what impelled Shree to commence her studies in Chiropractic.

During her studies Shree volunteered at a number of sporting events including the Lifesaving world championships in South Australia providing chiropractic care to competing athletes. Being involved in sports from a young age Shree understands the importance of the function of the body and the impact it can have on performance and on daily living.

Shree is committed to expanding her knowledge of the human body and dedicated to providing the highest quality care to her patients to achieve optimal quality of life.

Dr Shree Fairchild

Associate Chiropractor

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