Sciatica: The Facts

One of the most severe conditions we manage in chiropractic practice is lumbar radiculopathy caused by disc herniation (more commonly known as sciatica).  Sciatica is caused by the intervertebral disc coming into contact with a spinal nerve. Treatment is challenging as discs do not get better overnight and will often take many months to heal.  This means that there is greater potential for aggravations along the road to recovery.  What's more, research indicates that a significant percentage of patients suffering sciatica can take years to recover and some will never recover at all, whether treated conservatively or with surgery.

This grim prognosis for sciatica led to the introduction of decompression therapy here at Warragul Chiropractic.  Decompression encourages healing by reducing pressure within the disc allowing for the uptake of nutrients and for the expulsion of inflammatory cells.  As disc herniation's are drawn in, and nerve canals are widened, nerve pressure and swelling is reduced.

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