What is .. Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal Stenosis 

Earlier this month Cameron flew to Sydney to complete intensive training in managing spinal stenosis.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

It is an increasingly common spinal disorder in which the nerve canals of the spine become narrowed causing compression of the nervous system.  It is most often caused by arthritis and disc degeneration, but in some circumstances it can  occur in younger people.  It is estimated that this serious condition will affect up to 25% of the ageing population by 2030!

What are the symptoms and signs of spinal stenosis?

A gradual decrease in the ability to walk due to buttock pain, leg pain, leg weakness or numbness. These symptoms may all occur together or on their own.  As symptoms progress the back, hip and leg muscles waste and eventually walking becomes unbearable and simple tasks like rising from a chair are increasingly difficult.  A hallmark of the condition is that sufferers can usually walk a little more comfortably after sitting down for a rest, or leaning forward over a walking frame, shopping trolley or walking stick.

What is the treatment for spinal stenosis?

A recent clinical trial found that an intensive program of flexion-distraction treatment, stretching and strengthening exercises and exercise bike therapy resulted in significant improvements in walking ability.

Can spinal stenosis be cured?

No, unfortunately this condition is irreversible, therefore daily exercises become paramount in maintaining quality of life.

Cameron has trained in this program and has implemented this effective evidence based therapy to Warragul Chiropractic's range of clinical services.