Bone Density Supplements


Recommended daily calcium intake is 1300-1500mg. Higher calcium dosage is now recommended for young people. Teen girls absorb 326mg and adult women 73mg of 1332mg calcium taken daily.

Research has shown that calcium intake of greater than 927 mg/day protects hormone replacement users from bone loss

What form of Calcium is Best?
- Calcium citrate absorbs twice as well as calcium hydroxyapatite and 20-66% greater than calcium carbonate

Does Calcium cause Kidney stones?
- There is no evidence that a low calcium diet reduces kidney stones.
- There is evidence that a high calcium intake reduces the risk of kidney stones!

Does Vitamin D help?
- Vitamin D3 has been shown to reduce hip fracture risk due to osteoporosis better than calcium or milk.

Does Vitamin K Help?
- Vit K has been shown to stimulate bone production in animal and human studies, however further research is required before combined supplements can be recommended.