Early Detection Of Scoliosis



Do you have your children checked/screened for Scoliosis (spinal curvature)? It is important to check your children early, preferably before 10 years of age to access effective early interventions. Family history of scoliosis or detection of scoliosis in a sibling is a risk factor. Depending on curve severity, scoliosis can cause back pain during childhood/adolescence and predispose to back pain in adulthood. A recent study using a scientific exercise approach (SEAS) for adolescent scoliosis management demonstrated a reduction in progression of curves and reduced bracing rates compared to usual care. The study focused on children 10 years or older with curve angles graded at 11-20 degrees. A scoliosis screen can be performed quickly by Cameron and Leigh and is a complimentary service at Warragul Chiropractic.