What Leigh Learnt


Leigh recently visited America to undertake further studies and received his Cox Certification. So how can his training and skills provide a benefit to you? If  you answered "yes" to any of the proceeding questions. What Leigh learnt may provide just the relief you need.

Whilst lumbar spinal fusion operations have their place in the management of spinal conditions, they should not be considered the first line of treatment. One study found that lumbar fusions performed for patients who have disc herniation or radiculopathy (sciatica), are associated with significant increase in disability, opiate use (codeine), prolonged work loss, further operations and poor return to work status[1]. In another study it was found that 71% of single operation patients did not return to work 4 years after the operation[2]. Operations should be seen as a last resort, once all other conservative options have been exhausted. It is recommended you speak to your Chiropractor first before making any decisions to go undergo surgery.

As an alternative to surgery it was found that non-surgical treatments may be superior to surgery based on complications, morbidity and cost[3]. These treatments include Cox Technic (flexion-distraction) as a safe, non-invasive and successful therapy towards improving the symptoms of disc herniation, sciatica and chronic back pain[4].

Conditions such as disc herniation (disc bulges) or nerve compression result in a narrowing of the canal where the nerves exit the spinal cord which can lead to sciatica (symptoms down the leg). Studies using Cox Technic demonstrated a significant decrease in disc pressure[5] and an ability to increase the canal size by up to 3mm[6]. This means that patients can expect significant improvements and symptomatic relief from conservative, non-surgical Cox technic procedures[7].