Welcome Maryanne

We are fortunate to have Dr Maryanne Mitchell filling in for Leigh while he enjoys his honeymoon in Canada.

Originally from Melbourne, Maryanne graduated as a chiropractor from RMIT University in 1999. In her early career she has worked as an associate and locum chiropractor around Australia. Since 2004, Maryanne has been working in Gladstone, Central Queensland, where along with her chiropractic practice, she is an active member of the community.

Her passions include health, exercise, nutrition and community well-being. Maryanne has previously worked in free community clinics as a volunteer practitioner and travelled to the Philippines as part of a medical mission.

Maryanne is a passionate chiropractor who enjoys the opportunity to help people understand their body and to empower people to take positive steps to improve their own health.

With family located in Warragul, Maryanne is excited about coming back to Victoria to work and meet the local community.

You can make your bookings with Maryanne online now by clicking here.