Welcome Keegan

For the next 2 weeks we are fortunate to have Dr Keegan Mclean filling in for Leigh while he continues his honeymoon in Canada.

Keegan started building a passion for physiology and human movement, studying at the University of Western Australia. In 2009 he moved to Melbourne to study Chiropractic at RMIT, graduating in 2013. Since then he has spent the majority of my time working in private practice in Australia and internationally - with a big focus on flexion distraction and mobility skills.

When he's not practicing you'll find me running around a local park or enjoying a good dance to some great music. He is currently building a small home delivery chiropractic service in Melbourne in between various other ventures. He is looking forward to spending time and helping out in Warragul.

You can make your bookings with Keegan online now by clicking here.